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About us




The Gold Coast Chevra Kadisha is an incorporated entity and, like all similar organisations world-wide, was established to perform tasks involved in the dignified and respectful burying of deceased persons, in accordance with Jewish custom and law.


While we are independent of any particular Jewish congregation, we receive guidance and advice from our local Rabbis. We perform our duties upon any person known to be of the Jewish faith (unless expressly forbidden by the deceased, but not by other family members).


The Gold Coast City Council deeded the grounds to the Gold Coast Chevra Kadisha in perpetuity.  As a consequence of the Chevra’s independence, the Gold Coast has been able to establish its own Jewish Cemetery, as a section of the Southport General Cemetary, on Queen Street in Southport.


The memorial stones are all of a standard dimension, resulting in the creation of a tranquil lawn cemetery that is a beautiful, peaceful and dignified facility where Jews from any (or no) community are buried.


In addition, the Gold Coast Chevra Kadisha also maintains the Holocaust memorial. 


The Gold Coast Chevra Kadisha is responsible for the upkeep of the cemetery grounds and the associated outdoor gazebo where our services are held prior to family and friends accompanying the simple coffin to the prepared gravesite.


All the necessary burial arrangements are carried out by a Funeral Director appointed by the Gold Coast Chevra Kadisha, with the exception of the office of “tahara” which is done by volunteers from the community.





Should you need any further information with regard to the Gold Coast Chevra Kadisha or should you require an application form for membership, please contact the Gold Coast Chevra Kadisha, the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation or the Temple Shalom office.

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